Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the course

    1. What is Continuous Integration?

    2. Who should use Continuous Integration?

    3. Benefits & Drawbacks of Continuous Integration

    1. Prerequisites and Resources

    2. Initial Project Setup

    3. Use SDF in an Actions Workflow

    4. What Can You Build Now?

    1. What You’ll Learn

    2. Splitting a Job

    3. Reducing Repetition with Composite Actions

    4. Working with Multiple Environments

    5. Enforcing a Manual Approach

    6. Conclusion

    1. About Salto for NetSuite

About this course

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  • 15 lessons

Your Instructor

Eric Grubaugh

Senior NetSuite Developer

Since 2012, Eric has been designing and developing SuiteScript solutions, coaching NetSuite developers on doing the same, and advising SuiteScript teams on building healthy, effective practices. He also launched the SuiteScript Stories podcast

What You Will Gain From Completing This Course

  • Become a SuiteScript Automation Expert

    Learn how to blend the power of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) into your SuiteScript projects. This expertise not only makes you invaluable in the NetSuite ecosystem but also opens doors to broader software development roles.

  • Streamline Your Development Process

    Unlock the ability to automate repetitive tasks and deploy code seamlessly. Mastering CI/CD means you can significantly reduce manual errors and elevate your development process to new heights of efficiency.

  • Earn Your Spot as a Strategic Asset

    By mastering CI/CD, you become indispensable to your organization. Your skills will contribute directly to reducing deployment times, increasing operational excellence, and ultimately affecting the bottom line positively.

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