Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to SaltoLeap (formerly SuiteHub)

    1. Introduction to the course

    1. Mistake #1 – Doing Manual Audit Sample Requests

    2. Mistake #2 – Not Knowing Your Consolidated Exchange Rates

    3. Mistake #3 – Not Utilizing Reminders/Dashboards

    4. Mistake #4 – Not Restricting Item Dropdowns

    5. Mistake #5 - Not Using Hyperlinks

    6. Mistake #6 – Hardcoding In SuiteScript

    7. Mistake #7 – Not Summarizing Scheduled Emails

    8. Mistake #8 – Not Grouping System Notes

    9. Mistake #9 – Migrating Manually

    1. Final Thoughts

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Sonny Spencer

Director of Finance Operations

Sonny is a seasoned NetSuite veteran, with more than 7 years experience implementing NetSuite and architecting NetSuite solutions for a wide variety of public and private companies, on a global scale. He leverages his background both as a Chartered Accountant and Certified NetSuite Administrator to design and build NetSuite solutions that solve real world problems. Sonny is an active member of the NetSuite community, participating in local NetSuite meetups, NetSuite forums and groups focused on financial system optimization.

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